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Main information

Zvenigorod observatory is spent work on the project " Creation of the electronic library of astrnegatives received on Zvenigorod Astrograph" from the end of 2004. The basic result will be an electronic photograph collection including more than 4.5 thousand electronic scans of astronegatives. The equipment for the beginning works under the project is established: two EPSON scanners with computers of a necessary completnes.

Info about the Zvenigorod Astrograph Photoobservation programs

Astrograph Zeiss - 400/2000. It is established in Zvenigorod in 1972. Focus=200 sm. Since 1972 about 4500 negatives are received:
1) FON program (near 50 % of all collection). FON is the Photographic Serwey of the Sky, it was spent with 1980 to 1992 with the purpose of catalogue FOKAT creation. Completeness up to 16,5 star magnitudes. On declination from -2 up to +90 degrees. Under the program FON the plates was photograph with overlapping 50 % by each subsequent zone by previous. On our telescope of supervision all northern sky in the field of equatorial coordinates delta from-2 degrees up to +90. There were exceptions in winter zones: an alpha from 4 till 9 h and delta from -2 up to +25 degrees. And small for from 16 till 18 h also at low delta.
The plates sizes is 30 on 30 sm, areas of the sky 8 on 8 degrees.
2)Programs Asteroids (near 30 % of a photograph collection). A plates with sizes 30x30, 15x15 and 9x12 sm was prepared. An areas of the sky was 2 on 3 degrees. The program was spent under IAU from 1980 till 90-th years include the subprogram of Photographic observation of 15 selected asteroids.
3)Pluton (4 % of a photograph collection, a plate size 9x12). Program was spent by V.P.Osipenko with the purpose of specification of Pluton orbit.
4)Comets (8 % of a photograph collection, 30x30 sm). Supervision of various comets of average brightness. For the different purposes, in particular Galleja and Hejla-Boppa comets under the international programs.
5)Radio sources identified with optical sources (8 %). Drawing up of the catalogue of basic stars around of 190 radiation sources. The coordinator of work was N.G.Rizvanov, from Kazan Observatory. V.P.Osipenko's observers near 60 % of all material and V.A.Jurevich - 35 %.

AZT-400 mm telescope. (400-mm astrograph on broken mount.)
To increase a photo

Comets Observations
Development of a log format:
The catalog of Astrograph plates
Fileformats for Wide Field Data Base Catalog see here
phopto of laboratory
In these boxes are a plates.

Results of test plates scanning in various modes of the scanner

The size of a plate, sm The rezolution, dpi Depth of color Type of the document Time of scanning, min Memory, Mb
30x30 1600 24bit positive 18 925
30x30 1600 8-bit grayscale positive 7 307
30x30 600 24bit positive 5 203

Scanner EPSON expression 1640 XL.
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Characteristics of scanner Epson Expression 1640XL
Type of matrix CCD, the scanner halfprofessional.
Maksima size of the document in pass. Light 290x420 mm, in reflect Light 310x437 mm, the maximal format of A3.
Capacity at work 45 Vt, weight of 22 kg.
The monitoring system of speed of movement of scanning matrix Dynamic Range Control.
Increase up to 200 % (with step of 1 %).
The optical resolution 1600 dpi. Maximal 6400 dpi.
The interpolated resolution 12880x12880.
Optical density 3.6 D.
Speed of scanning of the color image of format A4 in mode Draft makes 800 dpi in s.
Monochrome: 4.5 ms/row, colour: 13.2 ms/row.
Depth of color of 42 bats.
Interface USB, SCSI.
There is a slide-module.
The sizes of the scanner 656x458x176 mm.
The price for spring 2005 y.: 54 754 rubls.

Parameters of scanning

Mode: Proffesional Mode
Document Type: Transparency
Film Type: Positive film
Image Type: 48-bit Color
Scanning Quality: Best
Resolution: 1600 dpi
Target Size: Original
Scale: 100%
Trimming: on
Auto Exposure: on
Unsharp Mask Filter Level: Low
Descreening Filter Screen Ruling: General
Format of the image: tif
Plate on glass of the scanner we put emulsion downwards.

Архив НАСА (ИК), содержит 2mass, IRAS и много других архивов.



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